Exercise for Optimum Health and Hormone Balance 

Science validates it: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and exercise are perfect partners. HRT amplifies exercise benefits, and exercise makes HRT results flourish, opening doors to optimum health and longevity.

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Below, we decode the profound impact of exercise on specific hormones and its empowering potential for your fitness routine. 

Hormone Benefits of Exercise Exercise Recommendations 
Cortisol Lowers cortisol. Manages stress responses – Controls metabolism Low-intensity activities like yoga, hiking, tai chi – Moderate exercises can lower cortisol levels in healthy individuals 
Insulin Optimizes insulin sensitivity – Reduces diabetes risk Combine aerobic and resistance training 
Human Growth Hormone Aids tissue repair and muscle growth – Reduces fat – Supports the immune system High-intensity interval and resistance training – Sprinting and heavy weight lifts 
Estrogen (Pre-menopause) Promotes regular menstrual cycles – Maintains hormonal balance Both aerobic and resistance exercise 
Estrogen (Perimenopause) Stabilizes fluctuating estrogen levels – Reduces symptoms like hot flashes Both aerobic and resistance exercise 
Estrogen (Post-menopause) Maintains bone density – Improves heart health – Enhances mood and cognitive function – Supports weight management Regular aerobic exercise – Weight-bearing and resistance exercises 
Testosterone Energy, libido, muscle, bone, and heart health High-intensity exercises  – Weight training 
Thyroid Hormones Increases thyroid hormones – Aids hypothyroidism Exercise at the anaerobic threshold of 70% of max heart rate 
Adiponectin Enhances insulin sensitivity – Supports weight loss Both aerobic and resistance exercise 
Leptin Suppresses appetite – Promotes fat burning Cardio and strength training. High intensity interval training 
Melatonin Improves sleep rhythms – Reduces nighttime wakeups Morning exercise – Outdoor workouts 
Irisin Converts white fat to brown fat – May protect brain cells Most types of exercise increase irisin 
Serotonin Improves mood, sleep, appetite, digestion, memory, and sexual drive Physical activity of any kind, outdoor activities, mind-body practices 
Dopamine Enhances mood – Reduces depression and anxiety symptoms Music and Rhythmic Activities, Yoga, Tai Chi Outdoor exercise. Group exercise 
Endorphins Boosts mood – Reduces stress and anxiety Dance, yoga, swimming, cardio and strength training 
Epinephrine/Norepinephrine Regulates stress response and attention – Plays a role in fat metabolism Cardio and strength training. High intensity interval training 
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Stimulates brain cell production Improves cognitive function High-intensity exercise 

The effects of exercise on hormones can vary depending on factors such as exercise intensity, duration, frequency, and individual differences. A balanced and consistent exercise routine, along with proper nutrition, targeted nutritional supplements and when indicated, hormone optimization therapy contributes to maintaining optimal hormonal balance and overall health.  


Fitness Subscription

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Save 83% on your favorite live and on-demand fitness classes. (Save $300)

ONLY $5/mo Billed Annually