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Rob Solano

Rob Solano has owned Wolf Health Group in Alachua, Florida, since 2013. It is a multi-provider facility that focuses on total body health and wellness. It offers expert providers in group and personal training, sports performance, functional rehab, soft tissue bodywork and massage, and individual and family mental health counseling. In 2024, the group welcomed the addition of My HealthMatrix Alachua, a clinic specializing in anti-aging, holistic integrative medicine, wellness, hormone optimization, testosterone therapy, and advanced direct primary care. This addition completes their fully comprehensive approach to health optimization.

Rob’s medical experience dates back 20 years as a Critical Care SWAT Paramedic/Firefighter. His experience spans multiple disciplines, including special operations in the pre-hospital setting, first assist in orthopedic and general surgery, advanced anesthesia, adjunct medical faculty at two colleges, and federal law enforcement. Rob has a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and is currently enrolled at Liberty University for Religion. He values excellence of service above all else. Rob’s mission is to lead the market in a preventative health ecosystem model that dramatically changes the mental and physical well-being of their patients and clients.

Anna Donahue, APRN

Anna Donahue is a certified Adult and Geriatric Primary Care Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner. She began her nursing career as a Registered Nurse in 2011 and graduated in 2018 from Clemson University with her master’s degree in nursing. Since then, Anna has been serving the greater Gainesville area and surrounding communities in a variety of advanced practice roles.

Anna’s varied experiences have led her to find an alternative path to traditional standard practice medicine. She concluded that patients weren’t getting the benefits and outcomes they could obtain in an insurance-based model. After experiencing her own struggles as both a patient and provider, she changed course and is now focused on preventative healthcare, youthful aging, wellness, and health optimization. Anna is committed to showing people a better way of living a healthier life. She believes that patient education and empowerment are imperative in preventative care and strives to give people the tools needed to live to their best potential.

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